Epiphone Valve Jr $75

2008 Ibanez Aw112NT  ​Sold

1988 Rickenbacker 320‑12. 


Ibanez RGT42DXFX w/case $299 Sold

LP M201 Royal Blue bongo's w/stand

Excellent shape 100.00 

2015 Martin D-28 Ambertone


Ibanez AW8012 12 string  Sold

1994 Alvalrez Yari AY-20


Boss ME-70 Multiple Guitar Effects Sold

1993 MIJ Fender Stratocaster XII $849.99

G&L Rampage Jerry  Cantrell $599

2008 Taylor 110


1997 American Fender Stratocaster plus $849.99

Boss FZ-3 $79.00

Boss RE-20 $190


Presonus AudioBox iTwo 


Taylor 314ce


2008 American Fender  Telecaster $749.99 SOLD

 Schertler Jam -mint


DW Collectors Maple Snare Drum 14x4​ $299

Miscellaneous guitar pedals $35 to $99

Rare 1975 Rickenbacker 3000 SOLD

2016 USA made Fender Jaguar

$1,100 ​Sold

Ampeg J-112T


B.C. Rich Perfect 10 


Woodstock School Of Music

We carry usable equipment in good shape at budget prices.  Instruments are inspected, polished and setup if necessary. Need to sell some equipment but don't want the hassle? We welcome consignment and will market your equipment locally and well as online.