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Prime 5 is the smallest member of Schertler’s new high-quality compact mixer family. The 5-channel audio mixer is ideal for applications that only require a few inputs: for example, a vocal/guitar recording, a performance involving an instrument or vocals and keyboard, or a conference setting with two or three microphones and stereo playback.

Prime 5 is based on the same technology used in Schertler’s flagship ARTHUR mixer, guaranteeing best possible sound quality. The same high-quality preamps are found on the input channels, the same hi-voltage (48V) power supply offers superior headroom and the same No Negative Feedback (NFB) structure gives a fast response and natural attack. Input and output channels contain all the essential elements you would expect from a professional mixer. Compact dimensions make the Prime 5 very easy to transport and quick to set up.

Prime 5 features:

3 x mic input channels, each with balanced XLR microphone input and unbalanced Yellow line/instrument input, Gain, Insert, Insert/Direct Out, 48V and 10V Phantom power, 3-band EQ, Pan, Mute, 2 x post-/prefade Aux Sends for managing effects or controlling a stage monitor, channel fader and VU meter.
1 x stereo line channel with balanced inputs (Pan controls also enable configuration of inputs as two separate mono), Gain, 2 x post-/prefade Aux Sends per input, Mute(s) and channel fader(s).
Master section with L/R faders and VU meters, 2 Main XLR and 2 Aux Outs, stereo digital reverb with independent controls for volume and decay regulation, headphone section with volume control.

The Prime 5 package includes: mixer and power supply.

Input impedance

4.7 kohm (Mic input)
592 kohm (Yellow input)
37.2 kohm (Line input)

Max. Output level 
(through LR) 30 dBu
(according to gain) -50dBu to -7 dBu (Mic)
Frequency response  
Tot. Gain (through LR) 63 dBu
EQ Low (shelving) 100 Hz (boost +12 dBu)
80 Hz (cut -14 dBu)
EQ Mid 700 Hz +/-12 dBu
EQ Hi (shelving) 4.5 kHz +/-15 dBu
THD + N @ 1kHz 0.04% fundamental
-30 dBu output level 0.004% 2nd harmonic
0 dBu output level 0.003% 3rd harmonic
Power consumption 29 W
Size 43.2 x 37 x 6 cm
17,01 x 14,57 x 2,36 inch

Weight 4 Kg
8,82 Lb

Schertler Prime 5



The Prime 5 is like a high quality audio Swiss army knife that's perfect for recording and live performance. The discrete analog audio path is uncolored and pristine from the Class A preamps to the incredible dynamic range. If you appreciate high quality audio in a small format the Prime 5 is your answer. We record with this mixer alongside with other expensive outboard preamps and the Prime 5 easily stands up to the rest of them.